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"Abrasion mark is a kind of fabric defect which occurs due to abration of metalic or non metalic object with the fabric surface during either in weaving or in processing".

This defect gets much serious when the yarn surface gets ruptured. The threads are displaced too due to rubbing. This defect is note curable by any means.  We should always take extra care during weaving and processing. Awareness of Weaver, technician, and other workers can reduce the chances of abration marks in the fabric during various process. Followings may be the possible reasons of creating abration marks in the fabric.

1 - If the warp beam srikes with heavy metalic or solid object during beam transportation, yarn get ruptured at a particular area in the warp beam. This can be reflected in the form of abration mark in the fabric. Normally this kind of abration marks disappear after fabric processing.

2 - When the fabric is woven on a loom, it passes over the front rest and  anti crease rod. Next it is taken forward with the help of take up roller. Now finally fabric is wound upon the cloth roller.
When fabric passes over the front rest , it touches the front rest . The fabric also excert pressure upon the front rest. If there is any rough point on the front rest , this rough point creates dark abration mark on the fabric.
Please check the surface of front rest. It should be smooth and plan.

3 - An anti - crease rod is used to prevent or minimise the width wise shrinkage during weaving. When the take up roller take the fabric forward, the fabric slides on the anti - crease roller. If there is any obstruction on the anti - crease rod, this may be result in the form of abration marks.
Please check anti - crease rod and make sure that there is not any rough obstruction which can generate abration marks in the fabric.

4 - If there is a slippage between emery roller ( take up roller) and fabric, the abration marks can be generated in the fabric.
The emry of the take - up roller should be replaced regularly after a definite time of interval to avoid this problem.

5 - Cloth rolls must be transported carefully by roll doffing trolley. The cloth roll should not touch the floor. The roll should not strike to any hard object.

6 - The abration marks may also be generated during processing due to cloth trolley, roughness of different rollers of jigger machine, hydro extractor. The fabric can get rubbed during tumble drying too.

Please take care of all stated reasons.

Please note dark and deep abration marks are not curable in processing.

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