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Water mark is very serious problem as far as the transportation and warehousing of grey or dyed fabric is concerned. The grey or dyed fabric may be come into contact of rain water during transportation of material. If shed of warehouse is damaged, or water dripping problem is there in the warehouse, the fabric may be come into contact of water.

Any type of long time contact of water with the grey or dyed fabric of cotton and cellulosic fabric is very harmful and dangerous for the fabric. If the grey or dyed fabric remains in wet conditions for long time, then the water marks removal gets almost impossible during processing and washing.

It is very difficult to remove aged water marks in the cotton and cellulosic fabric.

When the cotton and cellulosic fabric remains in wet conditions for long time, the stain deposit on the fabric surface. It changes the appearance of the fabric at particular area of the fabric.

Now question arises why does it happen even after water is clean and has no stain in it?

When the  fabric made of cellulose fibers remains in wet conditions for long time, the process of degradation of cellulose begins after a certain period due to mildew development in the wet area of the fabric. Degradation process continues till the evaporation of amount of moisture in the fabric. If the fabric takes long time to be dried, then there may be big hole at that particular area too.

If the cotton or cellulosic fabric gets wet due to any reason, this fabric should be processed immediately to prevent the water mark. A good quality stain remover should be used during processing.

We should use closed container for transportation of cotton fabric to avoid water mark problem.

The roof of the warehouse should be of concrete for cotton and other cellulosic fabric like linen, jute, viscose.

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