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Following precautions should be taken during the process of director beam warping.

·    *   The tension on the every warp end should be proper and equal.

·   *    The cleaning of tensioner should be done at each creel change properly on regular bases.

·      * The the number of yarn separation guides should be according to the length of the creel. If the guides are not sufficient, the ends may be entengled to each other.

·     *  The warp end located at the back side of creel slackens due to own weight. These ends located at the rare side of creel wrapped in both sides of the beam. During sizing these ends get  loosed and create the problem of bowing in the fabric. Thus the tension of the ends is maintained according to location. Rare ends require more tension than ends located at the front side of the creel.

·      * The tension should be selected in such a way that there is no false warp stop due to ends slackening.

·      * The number of washers and their weight should always be adjusted after a change in warp count.

·   *    The drop wire should work properly.

·    *   The the electrode of warp stop motion should be cleaned by any cleaning liquid to avoid failure of warp stop motion.

·     *  The warp ends should be drawn in the correct sequence to avoid end breakage.

·    *   The reed width should be adjusted properly, improper adjustment causes loose ends at each side of the beam.

·    *   There should be no short end in the beam.
·    *   Short end in the warper’s beam cause lappers and creates end breakage during sizing process.

·     *  The warping pressure should be selected properly. If the pressure is too high, it may cause yarn rupture. If the pressure is too low, it may cause warp slippage on the beam.

·     *  The short ends should be mend during the process correctly.

·      * Machine the brake should work precisely.

·    *   The oil level in the hydraulic system should be maintained regularly.

·       *The edges of flanges should not be sharp.

·     *  Skip denting order should not be used if possible. There should be changed the reed.

·     *  The the pitch of the creel should be selected precisely to avoid touching the surface of yarn packages.


Following precautions must be taken during sectional warping process:

·      * The tension on each warp end should be equal and sufficient.

·      * The creel should be cleaned by compressed air after ever creel change.

·    *   The package size should be equal. The size difference in packages creates uneven tension on the ends.

·       *The distance between package and yarn guide should be proper and sufficient to minimize the diameter of balloon during unwinding of yarn from the package.

·      * The effective working of electrical stop motion should always be ensured.

·      * The distance between stop motion and lease reed should sufficient and proper. If it is too low, it may cause unnecessary end breakages. The broken ends can pass into the beam. If this distance is too high, it may cause excessive entanglement of ends which results in the form of end breakages.

·     *  The distance between lease reed and flat reed or v – shape reed should be correct to minimize the end breakages at the reed.

·     *  Gears selection should be as accurate as possible. Incorrect gears selection results in the improper cone height of warp beam thus the diameter of the beam at one side reduces or increases. This variation in diameter results in the form of bowing in fabric.

·   *    The warping speed should not be changed during process, speed change during the process may change the length of section or tension of warp.

·     *  All the sections should have an equal number of ends if possible.

·     *  Section width should be set correctly. If section width is less than required, there will be a gap between adjacent sections and warp will get loosed at these places. If it is more than required, the ends will be overlapped and it will create end breakage during beaming and weaving..

·    *   There should not pass any short end in the beam during warp. Short end crates lappers and end breakage during beaming.

·      * Every short end should be repaired by reversing the machine in the back direction.
·      * Efficient working of brake should be ensured before operating the machine.

·     *  The oil level in the hydraulic system maintained properly.

·     *  The discs and brake shoe of the braking system should be cleaned by CTC or other solvent according to maintenance schedule.
·     *  Wax, cold binder or antistatic oil should be used if required.

·     *  Beaming tension should be selected properly. The beam should be neither much compact nor much loose.

·      * Excess beaming tension may create deformation in the yarn.

·       The flange to flange distance in the beam should be set correctly.

·      * The beam width should be two centimeters more than reed space used in the loom.

·     *  The warp should be wound on the beam in the center of the barrel.

·    *  The beam flanges should be tightened properly.

·      * The the lease should be inserted correctly to prevent the end crossing problem.

·       * the number of ends per dent in the flat or v – shape reed should be as minimum as possible. An excess number of ends per dent in this reed results in the form of rolling. This rolling creates ends crossing problem during unwinding of warp on the loom.

·        *     Proper working of the machine should be ensured by the empty running of the machine.

·   *    The electrodes of warp stop motion should be cleaned periodically.

·     *  The the roughness of the surface of the cone-shaped portion of the warping drum should be maintained properly. If it becomes smooth, the slippage of sections on this site may occur.

                               THE END


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