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The sheeting is a material which is used to cover any other object. In the term of textile, word sheeting is used for the fabric to be using for bed linen. The fabrics made of cotton fibres having low GSM , maximum possible EPI, PPI woven with plain, warp rib and weft rib weaves are generally known as cotton sheeting fabrics. This fabric is mostly used to make bed linen like spread sheet, fitted sheet, quilt, pillow cover etc. The most popular sheeting constructions to be used in textile industry are given below

20s sheeting fabric: 

This fabric is woven with 20s carded warp and and 20s carded weft. Plain weave is used in this fabric. This fabric is almost balanced fabric. The normal constructions of this fabric are given below:


60.   X 60        20s carded.      X 20s carded          56/2.

60.   X 56.       20s carded.      X 20s carded.         56/2.

56    X 56.       20s carded.      X 20s carded.         52/2.

30s sheeting fabric: 

In this sheeting fabric 30s cotton yarn in warp and weft  is used. Normally, carded yarn is used in this fabric. This is almost balanced fabric. These fabrics are woven with plain weave. The most popular construction of 30s sheeting to be using in textile industry are given below:

72  X  72          30s  carded     x     30s carded.     68/2.

72. X. 68.         30 s carded.   X.    30s carded.      68/2.

68  X. 68          30 s carded.   X     30s carded.      64/2.

68  X. 66.         30s carded.    X.    30s carded.      64/2.

40 s sheeting fabrics: 

This is a cotton sheeting fabric which is widely used to make fitted sheets, flat sheet, quilt, duvet cover and pillow covers. This is  the most popular fabric in home textiles. 40s carded, combed and combed compact cotton yarn is used in this fabric. Normally plain weave is used in this fabric. The most popular constructions to be used in this fabric are given below:

100.  X. 80.   /    40s  x   40s ( 180 TC).  Plain weave.      96/2

110.  X. 90.   /     40s. X. 40s ( 200 TC)  Plain weave.      106/2

120.   X 90     /.   40s. X. 40s.( 210 TC).  Plain weave.     116/2

132.   X 88.    /.   40s  X. 40s ( 220 TC).  Plain weave.     126/2

132.   X 72.    /.   40s. X  40s ( 205 TC)   Satin weave).    126/2

60s sheeting fabrics:

This is very fine superior kind of sheeting fabric. This is not a balanced fabric. 60s combed compact yarn is mostly used in this fabric. The regular constructions to be used in 60s sheeting fabric are given below:

165X.85. / 60s x60s ( 250 TC) Plain weave and single pick insertion  Reed count.  106/3

130X (60+60)/ 60s x 60s)/250TC Plain weave with double pick insertion,.   Reed count.  124/2
185 x 105 / 60s x 60s / 290 TC Satin weave with single pick insertion. Reed count  72/ 5
400 TC sheeting fabric:

175 x (70 × 3) /60s × 80s / satin weave/ Reed count  68/5

175 × (50×4) / 2/80s×2/80s/ satin weave / Reed count 68/5
450 TC Sheeting fabrics:
164 × (59×4) / 80s × 100s / plain weave/ Reed count 106/3
500 TC Sheeting fabric:
244 × (121 ×2) / 80s × 100s / satin weave / Reed count 96/5
600 TC sheeting fabric:
225 × ( 95 × 4) / 100 s × 100s / satin weave / Reed count 88/ 5
800 TC Sheeting fabric:
244 × ( 90 ×6 )/ 100s ×100s/ satin weave / Reed count 96/ 5
Above constructions are the most popular constructions to be used in home textile. The construction may also vary according to user's requirement.
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