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Q-What is main content of cotton?
A-Cellulose is the principal content of the cotton fibres.

Q-What is moisture content of cotton?
A- The moisture content of cotton is 8.5%.

Q-What do you mean by short fibre(cotton)?
A - The cotton fibres having the length shorter than 12m.m are considered as short fibres.

Q-Which is the best cotton in the world?
A-Egyptian cotton is considered as the best cotton in the world.

Q-What is a Bt cotton?
A-Bt cotton is genetically modified variety of cotton it protects itself from the attack of mothes and insects.  It is grown with using less amount of pesticides.

Q-What do you mean by textile fibre?
A-“A fibre having length to diameter ratio more than 100 and some basic chareteristics is called textile fibre”

Q.- What do you mean by cotton lint?
A.- The seeds free cotton fibres are known as cotton lint.

Q.-  What is FP bales?

A.-FP bales are full pressed bales having standard weight of 170 kgs.

Q.-What is the ginning process?

A.-The process of separation of cotton fibres from cotton seeds is called ginning.

Q-What do you mean by “out-turn” ?

A- Amount of cotton lint obtained after ginning in raw cotton expressed in term of percentage is called Out-turn.

Q-What  do you mean by cowdy?

A-  The immatured, damaged,and or infected bolls of seed cotton are called cowdy. , which is removed at the time of cleaning of seed cotton either through kapas cleaner or by way of hand grading.

Q-What is candy?

A-One candy is an unit of weight in respect of cotton fibres.  It is equal to 3.56 quintals of lint cotton. It is unit for sale of cotton in India in the most of the States.

Q-Which are the cotton growing States in India?

A-In India, cotton is grown in 9 major cotton growing States . These states are Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan in Northern India, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in Central Central India and Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in Southern India. The cotton is also harvested in Orissa.

Q-Which State produce the more cotton?
A-Gujarat is the leading cotton growing State followed by Maharashtra.

Q-Which State has the largest area under cotton crops?

A-Maharashtra has the largest area under cotton cultivation followed by Gujarat.

Q-When the cotton is planted in India?

A-In the irrigated areas of Northern India cotton planting gets started  from middle of April and gets finished till last week of May. In Central India and Southern India, planting gets started  from the beginning of June - July end depending upon the arrival of monsoon and continue till August. In Tamil Nadu (Southern India) planting for summer crop is taken up in Jan-Feb and for winter in June-July.

Q - How many types of cotton is grown in India?
A-India has the advantage of growing all vsrieties of cotton i.e. from short staple 20mm & below, medium staple (20.5 to 24.5mm), medium long (25.0 to 27.0mm), long (27.5 to 32.0mm) and extra long staple cottons (32.5mm and above).

Q-What is the contract farming?
A- A  contract farming is an integrated cotton cultivation, which brings all the stakeholders of cotton on one platform.

Q-What are the advantages of contract farming?
A- The contract farming helps cotton farmers in increasing their yields through reduction of cost of production.  It also assures supply of improved cotton quality to spinners at the same time.

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