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Different varieties of wool are given below:

Dead Wool:
The dead  wool is a variety of wool fibre. The fibres of dead wool show brittleness and coarseness. This variety of wool is used to produce many huge volume commercially available rugs.  This variety is often the refuse from combing out finer, longer stapled wool.

New Zealand Wool:

New Zealand wool is has longer staple length. It has softer feel.  This kind of soft feeling is due in part to both the altitude and vegetation available to herds.  It is common for a rug to have a blend of New Zealand and local wool to reduce the influence of the investment of import and material cost.

Gazni Wool:

“This wool is obtained from the sheep grazing in the high mountains  areas of Afghanistan”.  This wool shows soft feel. It remains in its shape when pressed little bit. Gazni wool is very slippery (almost oily sides). This is because of the method in which the wool has been treated. This wool has crunchy and strong feel after clipping of the pile.

Semi-Worsted Wool:

“Semi-Worsted wool is a very solid quality wool. It is recovered from wool by the process of combing”. when the wool passes through combing process,  the short fibres are eliminated from it. Now the longer and finer fibres remain in this wool after coming.
“The term Semi-Worsted wool refers to a wool which has been produced by one of two methods,
1 - The very high grade wool is obtained after getting it by removing short and coarse fibres from low and medium quality wool.
2- The highest quality wool which is obtained from low grade wool after combing and then is blended with a medium grade wool”.
Worsted wool refers to a process (and product) of combing excellent quality wool from high, medium and lower grade (determined by length, or staple) . “After wool has been combed, the finest, longer strands of wool are Worsted”.

Qurk / Kork Wool:

“This type of  wool is sheared from the neck, belly and under arms of the sheeps”. Since  this type of wool is very fine and It has long staple fibres, therefore this wool is found the most suitable for fine quality fabrics. The appearance of fairly untreated Qurk wool has almost a dull finish. It is dence feeling pile,very compact and firm. This is often considered as most choice of wool to come from the sheep. 

Pashmina Wool:

Pashmina wool is gotten from the coat of the goat grazing in himilayan areas. This type of wool is looked very silky and has silky feel too. It has long staple fibres. It is  very unusual to come across in exported weavings from rug producing countries.  “Pashmina wool is very soft and very expensive”.

Manchester Wool:

 “Manchester wool is obtained from a specific type of sheep variety called the Merino sheep”.  In the example of the Manchester kashan rugs and carpets, these are rugs which executed the use of the Merino wool originating from Australia.  The processing of this wool into yarn used in weaving done in Manchester England, and finally, this yarn exported to Iran for weaving.  The Manchester Kashan is a very unique variety of Kashan, with a naturally high luster, and long staple fibre.


“Mohair is gotten from the Angora Goat”.  Mohair is often very fine. It is  long staple fibre wool. This type of wool has appearance and feel like silk. Mohair is a very expensive and hard to come by fibres to be used in production of Oriental Rugs.  
Camel Hair Wool:

Camel hair was generally executed in many weavings such as Serab and other rugs.
Chemically Washed Wool Rugs. This is chemically treated wool. “Softness and lusture is improved by chemical treatment”. These chemical treatments are used with negligible effect on wool fibres.      

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