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The silk is cultivated in many parts of the world. The silk cultivated in different parts of the world differs in quality due to differences of environment, the production practice used,,types of silk worm used, etc. The quality difference reflects in cost of the material. The commercially cultivated varieties of silk  in the various parts of the world are given below:

Mulberry Silk:

This variety of the silk is obtained from Bombyx mori L silk worm. It is considered as the most popular variety of the silk in the world. "Since the silk worm producing this variety of silk eats mulberry leaves, therefore it is known as mulberry silk " The mulberry silk has maximum share in the world silk production.

Tasar Silk:

This variety of the silk is obtained from the silk worm called "Antheraea mylitta. This silk worm eats the leaves of Arjun and Asan plant. This silk worm produces copper colour silk filaments. It is also less lustrous than mulberry silk. The silk worm Antheraea proyeli J produces the finest silk in this category of silk. This variety is called oak tasar. This silk worm eats the leaves of oak tree. This variety of silk is widely used to produce home furnishings items. China is the biggest producer of this silk variety in the world.

Muga Silk:

 This variety of silk  obtained from a sillk worm called "Antheraea assamensis". This silk worm produces golden yellow colour silk. The silk worm producing this variety eats leaves of Sorn and Soalu plants and are reared on trees similar to that of tasar. This variety is traditionally produced in Assam, a Indian state. This used to make high value products like sarees etc.

Eri Silk:

This kind of silk obtained from the silk worm is known as "Philosamia ricini". This silk worm rears on the cartor leaves. This tree is also called Errandi. The Eric silk worm spins open mouth cocoons. This culture is practiced mainly in Orissa, Bihar Assam and West Bengal.

Charmeuse Silk:

This  is the most common silk. It is considered as the best silk for bedding itemss. It has very good sheen and handle. It is used to make dresses, shirts and trousers. The Charmeuse silk is the trade name of variety.
Habutai silk:

Habutai is a Japanese word. The habutai silk has soft touch and feel.  It is used to make the bedding itemss widely. It is cultivated in Japan.

Dupioni Silk:

This silk variety is produced by grouping or twisting, or interwoven  with two cocoons of different varieties. "The fabric made of this silk has the huge capabilities to change it's colour when fabric is seen from different angles".It has good dyeing affinity. It is used to weave for garment fabrics.

Wild Silk:

The silk directly harvested from the wild is called wild silk. The filaments of wild silk has less continuous length than domestically cultivated silk. The pupas begin to damage the cocoons when they has no food to eat. This kind of silk is used to make spun yarn of silk fibres. The fabric to be used in garments, ties and other uses are woven with this spun silk yarn.

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