Sunday, September 15, 2019



The reed is a crucial part of any loom. It does not perform beating motion only. It helps to maintain the even space among the ends in the fabric. The improper reed specifications cause extra warp breakages only in the case of a flat reed. 

When you think about air-jet loom's reed, you require extra care at the time of placing the order because the reed plays a very important role in weft insertion. If reed quality doesn't meet standard norms, the chances of weft insertion failure get increased highly. Imperfect dent's alignment may cause Increasement in air consumption. This extra air consumption reflects in the form of an increase in weaving cost. The weaving productivity also gets affected if the reed's quality is not matched with standard norms. You should always use the reed of standard reed manufacturers. The reed's specifications of the air-jet loom are given below:


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