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The  yarn comes from fixed mounted supply bobbin during the process of winding. When the yarn gets pulled off, it rotates around the tip of the coil. Further it passes through yarn tensioner. When the yarn gets pulled off at very high speed, it tends to oscillate in a balloon shape around the tip of supply bobbin. The formation of a yarn balloon causes due to centrifugal force developed during rotational movement of the amount of yarn adjacent to the tip of the supply coil. This balloon has an effect on the force to be provided for pulling the yarn off the delivery bobbin. The balloons which oscillate particularly extensively exert a great tensile force on the yarn. Thus there is a need to reduce the effect of ballooning in winding to maintain constant winding tension throughout the process.

Balloon breakers are used to maintain the constant tension in winding machine. The balloon breaker used in savio is given below:

Booster for balloon adjust by Savio:

 This device has been developed by Savio. The boosters are used to reduce and regulate the unwinding tension of the yarn. This device adjusts itself at a constant distance from the nose of the tube, combines its action with the square section balloon breaker and significantly modifies the shape of the balloon, reducing unwinding tension. This effect, also combined with the tensor action, contributes to a considerable reduction in winding tension. During splicing, the booster, coming into contact with the nose of the tube, acts as yarn anti kink and economiser.

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