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The roving bobbins obtained from the simplex process are used as input material in the ring frame. These roving bobbins are mounted on the bobbin holders of the creel. The creel gets mounted on the top of the ring frame machine. The roving now passes through the guide bar which guides the roving toward the drafting system. The creel is equipped with automatic roving break stop motion. When a roving break gets occurred in any spindle during the process, the stop motion gets actuated immediately and stop the working of that particular spindle.

The roving from the guide bar, it passes through drafting rollers. These rollers get rotated at different speeds. The speed of rollers increases from back to front rollers. The material gets drafted in this zone. The weight per unit length of material is reduced up to the desired limit with the help of drafting rollers.

The drafting rollers are equipped with loading arrangements. Three types of loading systems are used such as spring loading pneumatic pressure loading and magnetic pressure loading.

When the material leaves the drafting zone, it passes through the traveller negatively rotating at the ring around the revolving spindle at very high speed. Traveller helps to impart twist into the yarn.

The yarn spun gets wound onto the ring bobbin simultaneously. The ring bobbin is mounted on the spindle. A traverse guide is attached to the ring which helps to bring the yarn up and down along the length of the bobbin. This yarn traverse motion makes the bobbin uniform and prevents the entanglement of yarn during its unwinding. The up and down movement of the traverse guide is controlled by means of a cam. The spindle rotates by a belt connected to the main power shaft. The spindles are mounted on the fixed rail while the rings carrying the yarn traverse guide are mounted on the movable rail. This rail is operated with the help of a cam. A single motor is used to run the machine in a conventional ring frame. This motor is connected to the main shaft.

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