Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Twill weave ( a primary weave):

The twill weave is a very popular weave. It is a basic ( primary weave. It can be woven on a tappet or dobby loom. The diagonal lines get appeared on the fabric surface. These diagonal lines get created at a 45° angle from the horizontal line in the balanced fabric. The balanced fabric is a fabric that has equal ends/inch, picks/inch and equal warp count weft count. These diagonal lines may vary according to fabric construction.

If the ends/inch is greater than picks/inch, the angle of twill lines gets more than 45°.

If the picks/ inch is greater than ends per inch, the angle of twill lines gets less than 45°.

The smallest possible repeat of the twill weave contains 3 ends and 3 picks. 

The most popular and possible  twill weaves are given below:

Normally straight draft is used in twill weaves. The peg plan is similar to the design if the straight draft is used. When the float length is increased, the yarn slippage chances get increased. These weaves are production-friendly. These weaves can be woven at very good efficiency. This fabric can be woven with a higher cloth cover factor than plain weave.

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