Sunday, January 31, 2021

Some numerical questions of yarn spinning process


Q. No. - 1

An opening roller in the blow room with 100 cms. length 38 cms. diameter and 2 teeth per square cm. is rotating with an angular velocity of 400 rpm to deliver fiber tufts at a production rate of 500 kgs per hour. Calculate the intensity of opening(fiber mass in mg per tooth) of the opening roller approximately?


Opening roller diameter - 38 cms.

Opening roller length.     - 100 cms.

Tooth density                    - 2 teeth/ square cm.

Opening roller rpm.         - 400 

Production rate.                - 500 kgs/ hrs

The intensity of fiber opening -?

Q. No. - 2 The surface speed of the coiler calender roller is 39.1 meters/ minute. If the linear density of sliver is 4-kilo tex. Calculate the production per shift of 8 hours in kgs. at 80 % efficiency?


Q. No. - 3

The lap weight of 14 Ozs per yard is fed into the carding machine, and the mechanical draft is 100. If total carding waste is 5 %. Calculate the weight of a 6-yard sliver in Ozs?


Q.No. - 4

A scutcher having 11 inches diameter is rotating at 10 rpm. If efficiency is 80 % and lap hank is 0.0012. calculate the machine production in kgs per shift?


Q. No. - 5

The mechanical draft in carding is 102. Carding waste % is 5.0 and sliver weight per yard is 54 grains. Calculate the lap hank to be feed in carding?

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