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 Double cloth weave:

As the weave name implies, the double cloth consists of two layers of fabrics. The both layers get stitched together with the help of few interlacing ponts of face and back threads. There are two series of warp and two series of wefts used in double cloth weave. The weaving of double cloth weave possible on loom single beam let - off motion if the no. Of interlacings of face weave and back weave per repeat is almost equal to each other and yarn count of face and back warp is same.

Loom's requirements for double cloth:

1 - The loom should be equipped with dobby shedding motion.

2 - The loom should be equipped with double let - off motion.

3 - The take - up motion should have the capability to to make this motion inoperative when required.

4 - If double cloth consists different yarn count in face warp and back warp, double let - off motion gets compulsory.

5 - If double cloth consists of two weft colours or two weft count , multi colour weft selection motion gets compulsory.

Types of double cloth weave:

Self stitched double cloth weave:

There are two types of stitching method used in self stitched double cloth:

1 -  By raising back end on face pick

2 - Lowering face end on back pick

3 - Combined stitching

4 - stitching by extra thread 

5 - Stitching by thread changing 

6 - Stitching by making single layer and double layers in the cloth.

Properties of double cloth:

1 - When the weaver fails to achieve required fabric gsm, the double cloth fabric helps to improve fabric gsm.

2 - The double cloth weave helps to achieve required air permeability without compromising with fabric gsm.

3 -  The double cloth weave gets useful where both fabric sides are used.

4  - weaver can can construct a fabric having two different colours in face and back side.

Method of weave construction:

The double cloth weave construction gets completed in below four steps:

Face weave and back weave construction:

Layer separation mark filling:

Stitching mark filling:

Please click on the below video link to watch the full topic in Hindi:

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