Tuesday, February 9, 2021


 Seven wheel take up motion:

In this take up mechanism a train of seven wheels is used. Seven wheel take up motion is an intermittent take up motion.  This mechanism receives motion from slay sword. When the crank shaft rotates, the slay sword receives to and fro motion from crank shaft. 

A connecting rod is used to connect the finger and slay sword. One end of connecting rod is fitted with slay sword with the help of bush and nut. The connecting rod can move freely at connecting point.

The other end of connecting rod is connected with finger at point L with same mechanism as  slay sword joint. 

The finger L  is fulcrummed at near bottom slot at point K .

When slay sword goes toward front dead centre position, the pulling pawl freely mounted in top slot of finger pulls the teeth of ratchet wheel A.

This ratchet wheel is mounted on a shaft. Another standard wheel B gets mounted on this shaft.

When pulling pawl J pulls the teeth of ratchet wheel, the standard wheel B  also rotates with ratchet wheel.

A Pushing pawl I is also used to prevent backward rotation of  ratchet wheel.

The standard wheel B transfers angular motion to change wheel C fastened on the shaft. A change pinion D is also fastened with this shaft.

The change wheel C and change pinion D rotates in same direction together.

The change pinion D imparts angular motion to the compound wheel E fastened on a shaft. A compound pinion F  is also fastened on this shaft. The compound wheel and compound pinion rotate in same direction. 

The compound pinion transfers angular motion to the take up roller wheel mounted on take up roller shaft. 

The take up roller rotates with take up roller wheel in same direction. 

When the cloth roller rotates, it draws the fabric to be produced.

In this mechanism, you can change one or two wheel as you need.

A- Ratchet wheel

B - standard wheel

C - Change wheel

D - Change pinion

E -  Compound wheel

F - Compound pinion

G -  Take up roller wheel

H - Take up roller

I -  Pushing pawl

J -  Pulling pawl

K -  Finger fulcrum

L  - finger

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