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Organizational communication, objectives of organizational communication and types of organizational communication


Organizational communication:

Efficient and reliable communication is a very important part of any organization. An efficient communication always helps to minimize the mistake during working activities. It also ensures the optimum quality of work to be done.

The method or system of circulating or conveying or sharing the information like company policies, personnel rules, and regulations, production target and planning, organizational goals, or any other details about work among the employees of the organization is known as “organizational communication.”

The different organizations follow different kinds of communication. Every organization follows a particular communication method. Organizational communication is an integral part of every organization. An effective communication system plays an important role in building a successful business. Communication influence the way of employees behave in the organization. Communication in an organization is an essential managerial part because the role of management is to prepare various plans and to pass on the information to the employees. The feedback of work done is also reaches the management through an effective and efficient communication system.

Objectives of organizational communication:

The main objectives of organizational communication are given below:

1- An efficient and effective communication always creates the best working environment in any organization.

2- Good communication always the way of people behave in any organization.

3- An effective and efficient communication always results in the form of better coordination, good understanding, and good competence in any organization.

4- It helps to achieve the pre-set targets in a better way.

5- Good communication ensures that the instructions and feedback are passing on to the concerned department or person.

6- The plans or policies are executed effectively and efficiently with the help of good communication.

Types of Organizational Communication:

The different types of organizational communication systems are given below:

1- Formal communication system

2- Informal communication system

3- Vertical communication system

4- Horizontal communication system

Formal communication:

Formal communication is the most commonly used in many organizations. This type of communication takes place from the predefined communication channel. The management and employees working in the organization use these communication channels to communicate with each other. This kind of communication system is mostly used in organizations that have a classified organizational structure. The front-line employee cannot communicate to the top management directly. The middle-level management works as a bridge between top management and front-line employee for communication between them.

Informal communication:

The communication channels are not predefined in this communication. This is the opposite communication of formal communication. Informal communication does not take place through formal channels. the communication between management and employees takes place through multiple communication channels. The top management and front-line employees can communicate with each other directly in this communication. The organization using informal communication does not have a properly predefined classified structure. The employees working in this kind of structure are considered equal to each other.

Vertical communication:

The communication that happens between manager and his subordinates are known as vertical communication.

It can be further divided into two categories:

 Upward vertical communication

Downward vertical communication

Upward vertical communication:

The manager gives instructions or directions to his subordinates through upward vertical communication.

Downward vertical communication:

The information flows from subordinate to the manager. The subordinate communicates to his manager in this communication.

 Horizontal communication:

It is the communication that takes place between employees of the same level. It is considered formal communication between the people working at the same level to share the information.

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