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Bowing in the fabric:

The bowing is a fabric defect. When the weft yarn in the fabric gets displaced from a line perpendicular to the fabric selvedge and this weft displacement forms one or more arcs across the width of the fabric.

Defferent kinds of bowing defects in the fabric may be appeared there. You can see different types of bowing defects in below figure:

Skewing in the fabric:

Skewing in the fabric is a defect . It resudts in the fabric when the weft yarns get angularly displaced from a line perpendicular to the edge or side of the fabric: you can easily understand by below figure:

The bowing and skewing both create very serious problem during spreading and cutting of the fabric. The cutting problem gets much serious when the fabric cutting is done in layer form. The bowing in the check fabric is not almost accepted in garment manufacturing.  The distortion of seams or fabric pattern resulting due to bowing or skewing create in the garments. This defect looks very odd in the fabric.

Apparatus used:

1 - Measuring stick or steel tape.

2 - Rigid straight edge.

3 - Fabric inspection table.

4 - Scissor.

Testing procedure:

Entire roll of the fabric is taken after removing the first one metre length. Three test areas for test specimens are selected from each fabric roll.

In the next step, fabric is laid on the fabric inspection table. 

The actual path of the weft yarn across the width is traced.

The maximum difference between actual yarn path and perpendicular path is measured.

If there are more than one bow in the fabric, all the instances are measured. The greatest value of path deviation is considered in calculation.

Calculation of bowing or skewing:

The bowing or skewing is calculated as below:

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