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Welcome to our educational blog "Textile Adviser". Textile Adviser is a platform where readers can access information about textile engineering and technology. Since we explain serious and difficult topics using simple words and common language. it makes us different and unique from other information sources. We bring refined knowledge to our readers. Millions of people hit our website. We provide detailed knowledge about the textile industry and various textile products. Textile Adviser is the place where people can find out the relevant answer to their questions. This platform helps new textile beginners, textile engineering students, textile executives, merchants, and textile manufacturers in all respects.
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   The writer of this blog is a textile graduate ( B. Tech. Textile Technology)from India's reputed Institute ( GCTI Kanpur).  He has more than 28 years of experience in the textile industry. He has worked on various types of textile machines of advanced technology.  He has broad experience and knowledge of various textile products. This experience of the writer makes this platform unique. Not only theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge of different subjects is also shared with our readers.  We share fully purified and verified information with our readers. All the above reasons make this platform popular among our readers.

Online consultancy for new weaving and processing projects, quality, and productivity optimization. Yarn and fabric sourcing services are also available. 


Suresh Babu
Textile Adviser


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