Sunday, March 3, 2019


Sewed seam slippage: 

It is a very important property of fabric. It ensures to prevent slippage of seam during wear, abrasion and stress in the garment. When the sewing needle penetrates the fabric during stitching, there are always a chance of rupture of yarn due to sewing needle but a property of the fabric prevents to be ruptured the yarn of the fabric. When the sewing needle penetrates the fabric, the yarn slides in either left or right side of sewing needle due to airspace present in the fabric. The mobility of yarn in the fabric save the yarn to be ruptured during stitching. If the yarn has poor yarn mobility in the fabric, the stitching needle can rupture the yarn which results in the form of sewed seam slippage in the garments. It is greatly influenced by fibre content, yarn count, construction, compact ness of the fabric and the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. The fabric construction (EPI, PPI, count, weave type) play a major role in the performance of sewed seam slippage of the fabric. The cover factor increases with the increase in EPI and PPI, thus resulting in greater fabric strength, the greater is the resistance to fabric and seam breakage.

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