Friday, May 31, 2019


Thick and thin places in the yarn in the fabric:

A place in the yarn having yarn diameter in excess of +50% of the average yarn diameter and the length 8-12 millimeters is considered as a thick place. A place in a yarn having yarn diameter -50% or more than average diameter and any length is considered as a thin place. If the yarn has these yarn irregularities, these appear on the fabric surface in different forms in warp and weft.

 If the warp yarn has this kind of fault, then an individual end looks like slub yarn. This uneven look of an individual end draws user attention at that particular place of the fabric. Since this look in an irregular pattern on the fabric surface, therefore it is not acceptable in the fabric.

If these irregularities come in the weft yarn, then matter becomes much serious. This yarn irregularity in the weft yarn appears more prominently on the fabric surface than warp.

Weft wise slub look results for some fabric length. A weaver can minimize this defect up to some extent by using two weft feeder in the loom during weaving. The yarn having low imperfection should be used to avoid this defect up to the optimum level. These defects are repaired during mending by eliminating the thick or thin place. These yarn are replaced by mender with same yarn through mending needle. 

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