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Tex:  It is generally used to express the fineness of continuous filament yarn. It is the direct system of yarn count determination. "The weight in grams of 1000 meters of yarn is called tex of a yarn". When the tex of a yarn increases, the yarn becomes coarser. It is very easy to calculate the Tex of a yarn. First of all measure a length of 1000 meters from yarn package, then find out its weight with the help of weighing scale. The weight of this length in grams will be the Tex of a yarn.
If you have a short length of the yarn, you need to measure the yarn length and to find its weight in grams. Now put both values in the below-given formula.

Some other versions of Tex system are given below:

DECI TEX: Weight in grams of 10000 Metres of yarn is called deci-tex of yarn. 

MILLI-TEX: Weight in milligrams of 1000 meters of yarn is called millitex of yarn.

KILOTEX: Weight in a kilogram of 1000 meters of yarn is called kilotex of a yarn.

                                   The end

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