Friday, December 13, 2019



Polyester is the most popular man-made fibres.
it is widely used to make garments. It's durability, lustre, washability, and quick drying character makes it further popular among the all textile fibres.

The ordinary polyester fibres have some disadvantages too. It has very low moisture content ( 0.4 %).  It has poor wicking character. These two drawbacks reduces the fabric comfort to user. It gives poor breathability to user.

The micro - fibre polyester has been developed to improve the breathability and wicking characteristic. The polyester fibres having the fineness less than one denier are known as micro fibres polyester.

The fabric made of micro filament yarn gives softer feel than ordinary polyester. It has similar feel like cotton. Improved drapability  results with  micro fibres polyester fabric. Wicking and breathing properties are increased. The user gets very good comfort when he wears the garment made of micro fibres polyester.

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