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“ The combing is a process which eliminates the short fibres, impurities, naps, immature fibres from the sliver, straightens the fibres and make them parallel along the sliver length”. The combing process has special importance in yarn manufacturing process. Combing process provides extra quality advantages to the yarn. Very high strength, high degree of evenness, low hairiness, less naps % and lowest percentage of immature fibres in the yarn result after combing process. The combing is compulsory for achieving high quality of fine count of yarn. The combed yarn looks more lustrous than carded yarn. The combing process affects the yarn cost too. The manufacturing cost of yarn gets increased by around 10 - 15% after combing process. The combing process is normally used in the manufacturing of cotton yarn only. The combed yarn is used to manufacture garments such as suiting, shirting, trousers, towels  etcetera. Since combing process eliminates short fibres from the sliver, so that a big amount of waste results after combing process. Around 12 – 25 % wastage of fibres occurs depending upon the material to be processed.  This wastage is reused in the spinning of coarse count of yarns.


The main objectives of the combing process are given below:

Primary objectives of combing process:

To remove the short fibres present in the sliver.

To straighten the fibres.

To make the fibres maximum parallel along the sliver length.
To improve the uniformity of sliver.

Secondary objectives of combing process:

To eliminate the dirt and dust present in the cotton.

• To maximize the cleanliness of the cotton.

To make sliver free from foreign impurities like broken seeds and naps.

To remove the immature fibres present in the sliver.

To improve the visual appearance of yarn.

To maximize the tensile strength of yarn.

To improve the lustre and smoothness of yarn.

To improve the touch and feel of yarn.
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