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कृपया इस आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें:


Following types of combing machines are used in different textile industries:

Rectilinear comber machine.

Circular comber machine.

Rotary comber machine.

Hackling machines. 


Common mechanism's units to be used in a combing machine are given below:

Feeding system.

The nipper plate.

The combing system.

The detaching rollers system.

Waste removal system.

1 - Feeding system:

The feeding system consists of a feed plate and feed roll. "The main function of the feeding element is to feed the comber lap in a series of short lengths". Two types of feeding systems are used therein combing process:

Concurrent feed: 

In this kind of feeding system, the lap sheet feeding gets occurred while the nipper plates get removed towards the detaching rolls of the comber machine. This kind of feeding system is also called the forward feeding system.


In this kind of feeding system,  the lap sheet feeding gets occurred while the nipper plates return to their backward position.

2 - Nipper plates:

The nipper plates below grip the fibres. The nipper plates hold the normal length and long-staple fibres when the short fibres, neps and trash present in cotton get removed.

3 - Combing system: 

The combing system performs combing action on the cotton sheet. The combing action helps to eliminate the short fibres, neps and trash present in the cotton. It also helps to optimise the parallel arrangement of fibres in the sliver.

There are two types of combs used in combing machine

Main or primary comb

The first one is a rotating bottom circular comb.  It performs the main combing action in the lap sheet.

Secondary comb

The second one is a linear top comb. It completes the function of the bottom comb through vertical combing movement.

4 - Detaching rollers system:

The detaching rolls are two pairs of gripping rolls that rotate forward and backward directions in intermittent fashion to hold and move the combed web for a net forward journey.

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