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Beesley balance helps to find the yarn count from the fabric swatch quickly. The Beesley balance doesn't need electric power. It is a very simple instrument that can be installed at any place. Portable Beesley balance has also been developed which can be carried anyplace. A template is also supplied with the instrument which helps to draw cut mark lines on the fabric swatch. There is no need for a measuring scale. The whole testing procedure of count determination is given below:

Apparatus used:

1 - Beesley balance.

2 - Marking pen.

3 - fabric swatch.

4 - scissor.

Description of the template:

As you can see in the picture, it is a flat PVC. plate. It has six sides. The length of each side of this template is fixed according to the fibre used in the yarn.  You can determine the count of yarn made of linen, cotton, worsted, wool.

Specimen preparation:

It is very simple to prepare the specimen. Here one thing should be kept in your mind that the specimen should be slightly bigger than the side of the template. Suppose that you are going to find out the count of cotton yarn, then the length and width of the specimen should be slightly bigger than the length of the cotton side of the template.

The fabric swatch is spread over the flat surface. The cutting template is placed on the fabric swatch. The marking of the cutting marks is done on both sides. Now the template is lifted from the fabric surface.

A half to one inch deep cut is made along the marking lines on both sides. The yarn of the fabric is made aligned.

Preparation of Beesley balance for test:

The Beesley balance is placed over the flat surface. The levelling of the balance is done with the help of levelling screw. Now the zero pointer position is found by levelling the instrument.

After setting zero pointer position, the rider ( a hook of steel wire having a specific weight) is placed in a slot on the lever of the balance. As we place the rider, the pointer side of the balance lever gets down. The other side of the balance lever has a hook. The threads are hung on this hook. You can see in the below figure:

Now our Beesley balance is ready for testing.

Testing procedure:

The threads from the prepared specimen are taken out one by one. The threads are hung on the thread hanging hook. These threads are hung one by one on the hook. When the number of threads gets increased gradually, the balance lever starts to lift from the pointer side. A position comes at a time when the balance lever and point get levelled to each other. As the balance lever gets levelled with the pointer, we stop to hang the threads in the hook.

"Now the hanging threads are taken off and the threads are counted. The total number of threads are equal to the yarn count".

Please click on the below video link to watch the full topic in Hindi:

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