Wednesday, February 17, 2021



Find the bobbin speed when the bobbin diameter is 1.75 inches. The spindle speed is 750 rpm. and front roller delivery is 1123.3 inches per minute.


If front roller delivery speed for 30s count yarn is 400 inches per minute. Calculate the yarn production per minute and per frame if NMM frame has 440 spindles.


A three-plied yarn is made of three plies of different counts. If the counts of two yarns are 8s and 24s. The third yarn count is unknown. If the resultant count is 4s, calculate the yarn count of the third yarn.


A beater in blow room having 2 blades is rotating at 900 rpm. The feed roller diameter is 2.5 inche. A 30 teeth worm wheel is mounted on feed roller shaft. A single worm driving  the worm wheel and the worm shaft rpm is 150. Calculate the the beats per inch.


Calculate the fabric weight in ounces/ yard as per below parameters.

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