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कपास कताई प्रक्रिया चार्ट और विभिन्न कताई प्रक्रियाएं


 Cotton yarn spinning:

The cotton yarn is manufactured by using two methods today.
1 - Ring frame spinning
2 - Open-end spinning

some processes in cotton yarn spinning are common for both ring frame spinning and open-end spinning. some processes are only used in ring frame spinning. the different process to be used in cotton yarn spinning is given below:

a - Mixing and blow room -  

Cotton lints feed into the machine. These cotton lints are well mixed, reduced lint size up to minimum possible size, cleaned and lap is the out after the process.

b - Carding   

Lap feeds into the machine and fibre to fibre separation is achieved in this process. Final cleaning is also achieved in this process. Output is the sliver.
After these two processes, the sliver is sent to the open-end spinning machine-like rotor spinning or air-jet spinning otherwise the sliver goes through the following processes:

c - Draw frame ( drawing) 
A number of slivers received from carding are fed into the machine and only one sliver is output. Evenness of sliver is achieved in this process. 

d - Comber ( combing ) 

The sliver received from the draw frame feeds into the combing machine. In this process, the short fibres ( the fibres up to 12 mm. long) are eliminated from the cotton. The maximum fibre straightening is also achieved by this process. sliver again is output after processing.

e - Speed frame or roving frame (simplex)  

The sliver received from comber feeds into this machine. The sliver is drawn many times to its original length. The roving is the output after processing.

f  - Ring frame 

The roving received from simplex feeds into the ring frame. In this zone, roving is drawn many times to its original length. The required degree of twist is also inserted in the yarn with the help of the ring traveller. Finally, the yarn is manufactured on this machine. The yarn is wound on ring bobbins. 



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