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Abrasion resistance of fabric:  

The degree to which a fabric is able to withstand surface wear, rubbing, chafing, and other friction forces. Abrasion resistance allows a fabric surface to resist wear. There are three types of abrasion resistance of the fabric tested.

Flat abrasion resistance: 

The flat area of the fabric is rubbed or abraded while the fabric is tested for flat abrasion resistance.

Edge abrasion resistance: 

The edges of the fabric are rubbed or abraded while the fabric is tested for edge abrasion resistance of the fabric.

Flex abrasion resistance: 

In this condition, the rubbing of the fabric occurs by flexing or bending of the fabric.
The abrasion resistant fabrics are useful for situations in which mechanical wearing and damage can occur. The factors affecting the abrasion resistance are given below:

Type of material used: 

The type of material majorly affects the abrasion resistance of a fabric. The fabric made of synthetic fibres shows great abrasion resistance in the fabric. The fabrics made of fine and long staple fibres has better abrasion resistance than coarse and short staple fibres. The fabric made of rayon shows poor abrasion resistance.

Degree of twist of the yarn: 

The twist of the yarn influences the abrasion resistance up to some extent. The yarn having high twist results in the form of improved abrasion resistance in the fabric. If the fabric is made of low twist, it will result in the form of poor abrasion resistance in the fabric.

Count and construction of the fabric: 

The construction of the fabric also plays important role in the abrasion resistance of the fabric. The fabric having more threads count per square inch results in the form of better abrasion resistance. If the GSM of the fabric increases, it also helps to improve the abrasion resistance of the fabric.

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