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The yarn diameter is a very important factor in many processes. This is directly associated with the yarn count. New English count is widely used to express the count ( fineness) of cotton yarn. This Ne count is also called cotton in many parts of the world. The yarn diameter is inversely proportional to yarn count Ne. The yarn diameter increases when Ne. decreases. 

The yarn diameter affects many technical settings of various processes.  Slub catcher setting is chosen according to yarn diameter. The yarn diameter greatly influences the decision-making process of correct reed count selection in warping and weaving.  The maximum ends per inch and picks per is also calculated by using yarn diameter. 
The yarn shape is not cylindrical completely. The yarn diameter varies at different places of the same count of yarn. It is not possible to find out the accurate yarn diameter of any count of yarn. We can find approximate yarn diameter by calculation. The relationship between yarn count ( Ne) and yarn diameter is given below:

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