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 The main objective of sizing process are given below:

To improve the weave ability of warp yarn.

To improve the fibre to fibre adhesion force in the yarn.

To prevent slippage of fibres in the yarn during weaving.

"To make the yarn twist permanent by applying adhesive film on the yarn surface. The twist in unsized yarn tends to untwist due to rolling action during weaving, so that it necessitates to be fixed".

To strengthen the warp yarn.

To improve the abrasion resistance of warp yarn.

To protect the yarn from being ruptured during passing through drop pin, eye of heald wire and dent of reed.

To reduce the hairiness of warp yarn.

To improve the smoothness of warp yarn.

To ensure good fabric quality in weaving.

To ensure maximum efficiency of weaving process.

To prevent the development of electrostatic charges in the yarn during weaving.

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