Thursday, March 5, 2020



The open end yarn poses following characteristics:

Tensile strength: 

The open end yarn has poor arrangement of fibres in it. The degree of parallelisation of fibres is less. There are many fibres which are not parallel along the yarn length. These unparalleled fibres cause poor tensile strength in the open end yarn.

Evenness of yarn:

Since the short term mass levelling takes place inside the rotor during process, so that the open end yarn is more uniform than the ring spun yarn.

Bulkiness of yarn:

The open end yarn has less parallel than the ring spun yarn. Due to the poor degree of fibres parallelisation, the open end yarn has more bulkiness than ring spun yarn.

Rigidness of yarn:

The relatively straight core fibres combined with the sheath core structure make the yarn more rigid in terms of tensile and bending properties.


The open end yarn shows high elongation properties.
Abrasion resistance:

The open end yarn has good abrasion resistance.

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