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"As the defect name expresses, any mark appeared on the fabric surface due to excessive sizing liquor in the warp yarn is termed as size marks". This defect appears on the fabric surface mainly due to different types of faults in the sizing machine. The main reasons appearing of the size marks are given below:

1 - when the sizing of the warp is continue, the size liquor is circulated through a circulation pump in the sow box. The liquor circulation help to prevent the development of thick layer of starch. If the sizer does not use correct kind of starch, a thick layer of the starch is developed under the steel roller.  Since we know that this roller helps to apply the size liquor in the warp sheet, the thick starch layer also gets applied in the warp sheet. Due to thick material the squeezing of this thick layer doesn't take place regularly. In this way, the thick layer of sizing liquor leaves a size mark on the warp sheet. This size mark can be a cause of warp breakage during weaving. A deep size mark also creates the probability of displacement of ends and pick from there places in the fabric.  This kind of size mark clearly appears on the fabric surface after processing. Low viscous starch should be used in the sizing liquor to avoid this kind of defect.

2 - After a long time, the rubber of the squeezing roller gets hard  and it doesn't get able to squeeze the excessive amount of size liquor. This excessive size liquor in the warp sheet reflects in the form of size mark on the fabric surface. The grinding of squeezing roller should be carried out after a fixed time of interval regularly to avoid getting hard of squeezing roller. Please take an extra care during grinding. The uneven grinding may be cause of uneven sizing.

3 - The drying cylinder temperature is also a cause of size mark. If the temperature of first two drying cylinders are lower than required temperature, a thin layer of size liquor begins to deposit on these cylinders. After some times this size liquor layer suddenly leaves the cylinder surface and gets stuck with the warp sheet. Thus the size marks are appeared on the fabric surface. The temperature of first two cylinders should be kept higher to avoid this kind of size marks.

4 -  A long time stoppage of sizing machine is also a big reason of size mark appearing on the fabric surface. If mending period of broken end is high, operator should move the machine after a short time of interval regularly. This practice prevents to deposit size liquor on the warp sheet during rest period of sizing machine.

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