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 Today, in the age of globalization textile industry is very competitive and cost effective. Quality of of cotton fibres needs upto standard marks. It is necessary to maintain the product quality to be stayed in tough industrial competition.
Grading of cotton is carried out according to various parameters. Our cotton can not fetch reasonable price Without quality assurance.
Cotton fibres grading is done mainly for following quality parameters:
Mean fibre length
After ginning the mean fibre length is determined. This length is measured in millimeter (mm) or in inch. Mean fibre length is classified as follows

Span length
Examination of 20.5% span length and 50% span length are carried out by using digital fibrograph. It is internationally accepted parameter of fibre length of cotton. It is measured in milimeter or inches. 2.5% span length is classified as follows:

Classification of 2.5% span length

Fibre fineness

Fibre fineness is weight per unit length of fibre. Per unit length weight and fibre fineness of fibre are inversely propotional to each other. Fineness of fibre is classified on the bases of micronaire(Microgrammes/inch)
                          Gradding of fibre fineness

Fibre tenacity

Tenacity of fibre shows the strength of it. The standard unit of tenacity is grammes/tex. Its gradding is carried out as follows:
Fibre maturity-coefficient
Fibre maturity depends on the development of cotton. Maturity of fibre is determined with the help of compound microscope. On a slide 100-200 fibre are taken and wet by solution of 18% caustic soda and maturity co-efficient is determined. Classification of maturity co-efficient is done as follows:

Uniformity Ratio

This characteristic denotes the uniformity of fibre length of a cotton. Uniformity ratio of cotton fibre is ratio of 50% span length to 2.5% span length expressed in term of percentage.. Classification of uniformity ratio as follows:

Colour appearance of cotton

Classification of cotton colour is based on the  yellow colour present in cotton. In India according to colour cotton is classified as follows:

Grades of indian cotton
Indian cotton is classified in following grades:
Extra superfine
Fully good
Fully good fair

                                    The end

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