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When carding machine does it's work, the wire points get blunt. The sharpness of clothing wire's points get lost. It happens due to abrasion  between wire’s point and material to be processed. These clothing wire's points require sharpness now. The sharpness of clothing wire's points is achieved by grinding them. Below precautions and grinding schedule is followed to maintain the sharpness of the clothing wire's points.

The normal grinding stone doesn't gives satisfactory results in the grinding of modern cylinder wires of of 2mm height.

• The standard grinding stone (TGS grinder) gives  better results in grinding of these type of wires. 

• The grinding of wire's is performed after every 2nd or 3rd month to always maintain the sharpness of wire points.

The quality of sharpness of wire’s point of badly worn out wires do not improve with TSG grinder. These badly worn out clothing wires need Frequent grinding to achieve the quality of sharpness of wire's points.

The number of traverse of grinding process gets increased according to the life of the wire. 

• 3, 5, 10, 17 etc number of traverse are used for successive grindings. 

• The quality of grinding is examined with the help of microscope. I
•  If the grinding does not find sufficient in the examination, the number of grinding traverse are increased accordingly. 

The grinding of doffer's wires gets performed with the help of normal grinding stone.

The technician makesis sure that all the wire points get touched to the grinding stone during wire's grinding. 

• The slow and gradual wire's grinding results in the form of improved wire sharpness.

• If the wires grinding gets harsh due to any reason, the number of hooks get increased in the fibres.

The sharpness of wire's of flat tops has big impact on yarn quality.  

• The yarn quality gets improved after every grinding of flat tops wires. 

• The grinding machine having emery fillet gives better results.   

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