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The important precautions of the simplex (roving) process are given below:

• The tension during roving winding should be selected properly.  If the tension is kept low than required throughout the bobbin, then the roving  bobbin gets too  soft. The bobbin content also gets decreased. The chances of bobbin slippage get increased highly.

The sliver and roving piecing result in the form of thick and thin places in the yarn from 6 – 12 metres of length. Therefore enough care is taken during piecing of sliver and roving.

•  The flyer size is selected as small as possible to improve yarn quality.

If roving breaks due to undrafted material is more, then bigger flyer size is used instead of increasing break draft.

The roving breakage rate is controlled by selecting proper settings and the roving breakage  rate is kept under acceptable limit. The breakage rate ranges from 1 – 2 per 100 spindles per hour in simplex process.

The good quality of rubber coating of drafting roller and apron are used in the simplex machine to obtain better quality of output material.

Buffing of rubber coating is carried out once in three months at regular interval of time to maintain perfect gripping of drafting roller nips.

After buffing, the treatment of roller coating is done with acid or some special to reduce the sliver lapping problem in the simplex machine.

The top roller shore hardness is around 80 to 85 degrees.

The  bottoma and top clearers are rotated and touched the top and bottom roller properly.

The lifter wheel and ratchet are changed together.

If the roving tension is more than required then the stretch on the roving will be more. This  stretch helps to generate more thin places in the yarn.

The twist multiplier is selected correctly to obtain better results in the ring frame process. Excessive twist multiplier results undrafted material, more unevenness percentage in the yarn, yarn breakages, lower production in ring frame. Simplex production rate also lowered. The lower value of twist causes thin places in the yarn. More breakages occurs in simplex and during unwinding in ring frame process.

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