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Before selecting the reed count for a given fabric swatch, it is necessary to know about the role of the reed in weaving loom.

• The reed of a loom performs beating motion in the loom.

• The reed also decides the ends per inch in the fabric to be woven.

• It also helps to maintain a regular gap between two adjacent ends.

Now we tell you about the reed count.
“The number of dents per two inches is called reed count in the stock port system”. This system is extensively used in the weaving industry.

Now we come on to the method of reed selection in weaving. Before selecting the count of reed to be used to weave a given fabric, the following fabric parameters are analysed precisely:

1 - Dent marks and denting order appearing in the fabric:

  A gap between ends left by the dent wire of the reed in the fabric during weaving is called a dent mark. It looks clearly with the help of counting glass in the grey fabric. It gets a little difficult to see the dent mark in the fabric after processing. An expert technician can see these dent marks in grey and processed fabric both with the help of counting glass. These dent marks decide the denting order of warp ends in the reed.

2 – Weft regain:

This very important parameter of the fabric plays a decisive role in making the selection of accurate reed count in weaving. Technicians should be very careful during weft regain analysis. “The weft regain is the ratio of the difference between straighten weft length and swatch length to swatch length expressed in the term of percentage”.

Fabric width : 

the distance between both selvedges of the fabric is called fabric width.
EPI of the fabric: the warp ends per inch is known as EPI.
Now suppose that required fabric parameters are as follows:
EPI = 100
Fabric width = 80 inches
Weft regain = 4.2 ℅
Denting order= 2 ends per dent.

Please see below the reed count calculation sheet:


  1. Sir I want to learn about handloom machine and it's operations. Please give me more information relates it

  2. Sir I want to learn how to calculate grey to finish epi and reed space

  3. I have a copy of "Early American Weaving and Dyeing " reprinted by Dover. Can you explain the following quote? "You will use a slaie six beers finer than for plain cloth,"


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