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It is a derivative of twill weave. It's appearance looks like zig Zag design. One series of warp and one series of weft get used in twill weave. It is production friendly and can be woven efficiently. It can be woven on tappet and dobby loom both. Two kinds of pointed twill weaves  get used .

Horizontal pointed twill weave:

In this pointed twill weave, the zig Zag lines runs horizontally ( along the width) in the fabric. It can be woven on dobby and tappet loom both. The direction of twill lines gets changed by drafting sequence ( pointed draft).

Vertical pointed twill weave: 

In this type of pointed twill weave, the zig Zag lines run vertically ( along the length of the fabric. In this weave, the direction of twill lines gets change by peg plan. This weave can't be woven on tappet loom. This weave can be woven in dobby and jacquard loom. In vertical pointed twill, the straight draft is used. 

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