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Terry weave l Types of terry fabric l Construction of terry weaves

Terry weave: 

- This is a special type of weave. This is also known as warp pile fabric.

- The loops of yarn appear on either a single side or both sides of the fabric. 

- There are two series of warp used to construct this kind of fabric. 

- One series is called the ground warp and the other series is known as pile warp. 

- The loop formation on the fabric surface takes place by this pile warp series. 

- One series of weft yarn is used to weave terry weave.

Loom specifications:

- The terry weave or terry fabric can not be woven on normal looms( the loom which weaves flat fabrics).

- This weave is woven on the loom having a special mechanical arrangement. 

- There are two independent let-off motion mechanisms mounted on terry looms.

- The let-off motion gets positively driven.

- Two different warp beams are used in the terry loom.

- Terry loom is equipped with either with dobby or jacquard shedding mechanism.

- A special type of reed is used in this loom. the structure of dents of the reed is designed in such a way that the pile and ground end lie separated in a dent. two rows of dent wire are used in this kind of reed.

- The loom is equipped with variable reed sweep motion or variable fail of the cloth motion.

- Since the terry cloth is a heavy fabric so that a suitable take-up roller is used in this kind of machine.

- The fabric is wound on cloth roll through batching motion in some weaving mills. this batching motion - reduces the doffing time. the piece length is also increased.

Types of terry fabrics:

The terry fabric is classified on different bases. The different bases of terry fabric classifications are given below:

1 - According to weave:

Three pick terry:

Four pick terry 

Five pick terry 

Six pick terry

According to loop geometry

Classic terry

Fashion terry

According to loop disposition

Single side terry

Double side terry

According to surface modification:

Sheared terry 

Nonsheared terry:

According to use:

Wash towel

Hand towel

Bath towel


Beach towel

Kitchen towel

Kitchen mitts

Yoga towel

Golf towel

Terry weave construction:

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