Friday, February 19, 2021

Under-pick picking motion

 Under-pick picking motion:

Since complete picking mechanism is mounted under the loom in this motion and picking stick also hits the shuttle under side of the loom, so that this mechanism is called under pick motion.

Structure and working of under-pick motion:

The picking tappet is mounted on the bottom shaft of the loom. 

The picking tappet is fastened on the bottom shaft with the help of clamp and bolts. Picking tappet timing can be changed by these bolts and clamp. The picking tappet nose is mounted on the picking tappet with the help of bolts. The height of picking tappet nose gets adjustable. A side shaft is used in under pick motion. This shaft cane rotate in both directions ( clockwise and anti clockwise direction). The shaft is mounted on the brackets. A cone is mounted at the one end of the side shaft. The other end of side shaft is inclined at almost 90 degree angle. This other end is connected to the picking stick with the help of picking strap. The bottom end of the picking stick is pivoted. It is free to rotate in both directions. The top end of picking stick is connected to the picker. 

When the crank shaft rotates, it also revolves the bottom shaft. The same picking mechanism is fitted at both side of bottom shaft.  When loom makes two revolutions, the crank shaft makes two revolutions and bottom shelf makes one revolution only.

A picking tappet mounted on the bottom shaft gets rotated when the bottom shaft rotates. The picking tappet nose pushes cone mounted on the side shaft. Since cone is mounted on the side shaft so that the side shaft is also rotated when cone gets pushed down ward.  The inclined end of side shaft is connected with middle part of the picking stick with the help of picking strap. The side shaft makes partial angular motion.  When the side shaft rotates in anti clockwise direction, it pulls the picking stick forcefully. The picker attached on the top of picking stick hits the shuttle. Thus shuttle travels from one shuttle box to another shuttle box. Now the pulling spring acts immediately and brings the mechanism in its previous position.

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